New Boiler Installation in Leeds

Mr J. – Boiler replacement

The challenge

Mr J had long been enduring the frustration, inconvenience and cost of frequent problems with his central heating & hot water boiler.  Various plumbers had returned to carry out these regular and costly repairs, but Mr J wanted to get the opinion of an independent and professional expert on the boiler’s viability. He asked Core Plumbing to examine the boiler and advise on the most cost-efficient solution. 

The solution

Core Plumbing’s engineer found that Mr J’sageing boiler had a number of faults that were likely to need continual repairs. He therefore recommended a high-efficiency replacement boiler to solve the problem and cut running and maintenance costs.

The new boiler carries a full guarantee and provides Mr J and his family with a complete heating and hot water solution.


Core Plumbing's honest opinion has saved me money on repair bills and I no longer have the hassle of a broken boiler. I would recommend them to anyone!

Mr J.
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