Boilers & central heating systems

Boiler installation

Proudly serving the Leeds and Wakefield areas, Core Plumbing takes care of all your boiler and central heating needs.

The latest condensing boilers are quiet, beautifully controllable and super-efficient. Your new boiler from Core Plumbing will keep your home warm and toasty, yet because it uses far less energy than traditional models, it’ll save you hundreds of pounds on your annual fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

If your existing boiler is old, breaks down frequently, or keeps your gas bills high, then it’s time to think about a new and better solution. With access to all the latest models on the market, we’ll discuss your needs and preferences and find the fully guaranteed boiler that’s just right for you -and at a great price.

Central Heating Boiler
Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing

The best way to make certain that your boiler remains in top working order is to ask for our Core Plumbing Service Scheme. As a Scheme member, you’ll reap all the benefits of a thorough annual boiler service in which we’ll carry out important tests and procedures such as:

  • testing pipework for gas leaks
  • checking the pressure of gas supplied to the boiler
  • checking that the boiler uses the right amount of gas
  • analysing flue emissions
  • stripping and cleaning key parts.

Where appropriate, we can also supply and fit a carbon monoxide detector unit.

Repairs and breakdowns

Got a central heating problem? One simple call to Core Plumbing and one of our Gas Safe certified engineers will be with you ASAP to resolve it. Whether it’s a faulty radiator, a leaky pipe or a boiler that’s letting you down, one call solves it all.

If it’s an emergency, there’s no need to worry: we’ll always do our best to reach you within one hour. And even if it’s not urgent, we’ll still be with you promptly: that’s the beauty of using a local firm which is proud to make every customer happy!

Boiler Repairs


Give your central heating system a new lease of life!

Many boiler and radiator breakdowns are caused by a build-up of debris and sludge in the system. When this happens, radiators fail to heat up properly and as your boiler struggles to function, your gas bills rise… All the while, your home is much colder than it should be!

We are experts in using Powerflush, a superb chemical cleaning solution designed specifically for central heating systems. Powerflush drives the cleaning solution through your entire system at high velocity but at a gentle, low pressure.

If you spot any of the following signs, your heating system may need a powerflush:

  • boiler is noisy or breaks down frequently
  • radiators heat up slowly or have cold spots
  • thermostatic radiator valves stick
  • radiators often need ‘bleeding’
  • when you bleed a radiator, water is either dirty or absent.
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